About Us

We are a charity and registered company working across Bristol and the surrounding area. Our concern and work is focussed on the mental health and emotional well-being of children and young people aged 11-25.

We offer a range of therapeutic services, training, research and consultancy, as well as participatory campaigns alongside local young people. On these pages you will find information about our long and proud history, our governance, and our contact details. We couldn’t exist without the dedication and generosity of our volunteers and donors, and you will find all you need to know about both of these crucial roles here too.

Our Delivery Philosophy

OTR’s delivery philosophy starts from an ethic of participation, and is founded on core principles of empowerment and social justice. We work through an ‘assets’ model of mental health that views young people, families, and communities as possessing strengths and capabilities as well as vulnerabilities and needs.
We recognise the social, political, and historical context OTR operates in, and the multiple ways in which global and structural forces (economics, migration, technologies, politics) impact upon the young people we serve. The roles, identities, and developmental pathways open to local young people are shaped by these processes, and require innovative mental health services that are reflexive and conscious of the underlying assumptions they make about the ways in which mental health and adolescence is constructed, experienced and expressed among different groups.
In response to this context, and the diversity of local young people, OTR embraces a postmodern theoretical orientation; drawing creatively from post-structural, feminist, post-colonial, and critical race values, theories and approaches. Within this, our delivery is integrative and pragmatic, with emphasis placed on building and sustaining meaningful relationships with young people. 
We also recognise children and young people as social and cultural actors independent of adults, with certain inalienable human rights. To this end we regard the material inequalities and disadvantage many young people are borne to and that prejudice their long-term mental health and life chances as central to our concern and work. Consequently, our delivery seeks always to maximise young peoples agency and voice both within OTR and wider public life.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To become a young person led and centered organisation.
  • To support young people to emotionally and practically empower themselves through the provision of free mental health care, information, participation, and development work.
  • To promote the positive mental health and well-being of all young people.
  • To promote young people’s rights and participation in relation to mental health and well-being in all areas of public life.






Our values

  • We believe all young people, irrespective of their social, economic and/or cultural circumstances have the right to accessible, free, meaningful, therapeutic support.
  • We believe in the value of this support socially and the need to advocate for its provision and for the mental health and well-being of children and young people more generally.
  • We believe young people are best placed to articulate their wants and needs from our service and that they should have not just a voice, but opportunities to participate in and lead our work.
  • We believe young people have a right to be heard in wider society, and that much of what they experience emotionally as individuals, they have a shared interest in challenging socially and politically.



OTR Annual Report 2010-11
OTR Annual Report 2011-12