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We all go through times in life when we feel worried about a particular event or about something new we have to do. You might already notice people you know who seem to worry a lot and others who just seem to take things in their stride. Neither of these ways is wrong or right, we just all react to things differently.

There are times when a little stress can actually be a good thing because it motivates us to deal with the challenges life throws at us, but too much can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Did you know?

What causes it?

Sometimes there will be an obvious cause to the anxiety you are feeling. You might have an exam coming up or a job interview that is really worrying you. When the event has passed, the anxiety goes away.

For some people it might be that a bad experience from the past is still causing them to feel anxious or a big change that is going to happen in the future is the source of their worry.

Some people might feel anxious for no apparent reason and everything seems worrying to them.

What does Anxiety feel like?

Anxiety can effect you in lots of different ways.

How you feel:

People describe feeling really fearful and worried, being more nervous, restless and edgy, being irritable, feeling angry and impatient.

How you think:

You may find it really hard to make decisions, get confused more easily, or have difficulty concentrating. Sometimes people describe their mind is racing with too many thoughts.

How you behave:

You might go out of your way to avoid the situations that are worrying you.

Physical effects on your body:

Sometimes people find that their heart is racing or they have a 'knot' or 'butterflies' in their stomach. They might notice they are sweating more than usual, trembling or feeling short of breath. Other people find that they have difficulty sleeping too.

This sounds like me - what should I do?

Feeling anxious at various times in our life is part of what it is to be human! But it’s important to find healthy ways of coping with these feelings. It’s when we don’t and they get in the way of us living our life that there is a possibility of them becoming more serious.

If you notice that you have any of these symptoms and they don’t seem to be going away or they are interfering with your daily life then you might need some extra support to get back on track.

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